Actions During Combat

Movement + Action + Bonus Action

MovementMove - can be split
Interaction1 object. Ex.: open a door, pickup an item, draw a weapon
ActionAttack or cast a spell
ActionDash - Move up to your speed once more
ActionDisengage - Move away from a melee combat without taking opportunity attack
ActionDodge - Advantage on Dex Save. Attacks against you have disadvantage
ActionGrapple/Shove - Target must be 1 size more at most. Contest of Athletics Vs Athletics ou Acrobatics
ActionHelp - Give advantage to target in a skill check
ActionHide - Stealth check to hide
ActionReady - Prepare an action to be executed later in the round, based on a pre-defined trigger
BonusOnly 1 per turn. Ex.: off-hand attack, some spells
ReactionOnly 1 per turn. Ex.: opportunity


Some spells require concentration

Casting SpellYou can't concentrate on two spells at once.
Taking DamageMust make CON save throw. DC equals 10 or half the damage, whichever is higher.
IncapacitatedYou lose concentration if you become incapacitated of dead.

Fall Damage

Jumping on purpose decreases 10ft - Check DEX DC 15

3 m (10ft)1d6
6 m (20ft)2d6
9 m (30ft)4d6
60 m (200ft)20d6
Falling speed of 500ft/turn


UnconsciousWhenever the hitpoints are reduced to 0, the character falls unconscious. There is no negative hitpoints.
TestWhen you start your turn with 0 hitpoints, you must make a Death Save to become stable. At each turn, roll a 1d20 without modifiers. A result of 10 or more is a success.
StabilizingWith 3 successes, you become stable. After 1d4 hours, you gain 1 hitpoint and wake up.
DeathWith 3 failures, the character dies.
Additional DamageAny additional damage while unstable is considered as an additional failure to the death saves. If it is a critical damage, is is considered as 2 additional failues. If the damage is higher than the creatures max hit points, it is an instantaneous death.
DestabilizingIf an stabilized creature takes damage, if becomes unstable and must start the death saves again.
CriticalA natural 20 during a death save makes the character recover 1 hitpoint and wake up imediately. A natural 1 counts as 2 failures.


BlindedAutomatically fails checks involving sight. Disadvantage to attack. Attackers against a blinded person have advantage.
CharmedCan't attack or do something to harm the charmer. The charmer has advantage on social interactions.
DeafenedAutomatically fails checks involving hearing.
ExhaustedSee exhaustion table.
FrightenedDisadvantage on skill checks and attacks. Can't move towards the source of fear.
GrappledSpeed reduced to 0. Can make a STR contest at each turn to free itself.
IncapacitadedCan't execute actions or reactions. Can't move or speak. Automatically failure in STR or DEX saves. Attackers have advantage. Meele hits do critical damage automatically.
InvisibleCan hide. Has advantage on attacks. Attackers have disadvantage against an invisible opponent.
PetrifiedIncapacitaded. Weight increases by 10 folds. Doesn't age. Gains resistance to all damage types. Poisons and diseases area suspended. Imune to new poisons and diseases.
PoisonedDisadvantage in attacks and skill checks.
ProneCan crawl or stand up (spends half movement). Disadvantage to attack. Attackers within 5ft have advantage. Attackers further away have disadvantage.
RestrainedSpeed reduced to 0. Disadvantage in attacks and DEX saves. Attackers have advantage.
StunnedCan't move. Reduced ability to speak. Automatically failures on STR and DEX saves. Attackers have advantage.
UnconsciousParalized. Gets prone and drops the objects that is holding.

Distance Examples

1.7 m (5.6ft)Average car width
3 m (10ft)Height of a building floor
3x3 m (10x10ft)Bedroom
6x11 m (20x36ft)Small 2 rooms apartment
9 m (30ft)-
12 m (40ft)Average street width
18 m (60ft)Depth of a volleyball court
25 m (82ft)Pool (1/2 olympic)
36 m (120ft)-
105 m (344ft)Depth of a soccer field

Strength (STR)

Muscular capacity

Athletics10Climb a mountain with apropriate equipment
Athletics15Jump +1ft vertical / +3ft horizontal
Athletics20Jump +2ft vertical / +6ft horizontal
Athletics25Jump +3ft vertical / +9ft horizontal
Athletics30Jump +4ft vertical / +12ft horizontal
Athletics10Swim in a gentle current
Athletics15Swim in a storm
Athletics20Throwing a hook rope in mid-jump
Athletics30Swim to escape a vortex
-10Force a stuck wooden door
-15Force a stuck heavy door
-20Break open a common door or lock. Break handcuffs
-25Breaking down a reinforced door or lock
-30Breaking down a super reinforced door or lock

Dexterity (DEX)

Reaction, Agility, Speed

Acrobatics10Walking on an icy surface
Acrobatics15Walking on a narrow ledge
Acrobatics20Cross a swinging rope bridge
Acrobatics25Walking on a tightrope
Sleigh Of Hand10Hide something simple
Sleigh Of Hand15Stealing an object from someone who can't see you
Sleigh Of HandVs Perc.Steal an object from a person
StealthVs Perc.Hide from a person who can't see you
-15Open a simple lock *
-20Open a regular lock *
-25Open a complex lock *
-30Open a masterwork lock *

* requires proficiency with Thieve's tools

Constitution (CON)

Health, Resistance

-10To swim for more than 1 hour
-10Extreme cold for more than 1 hour

Inteligence (INT)

Knowledge, reasoning, deduction. Connect clues and ideas.

Arcana, History, etc.10Remember well-known facts. Recognize a common symbol.
Arcana, History, etc.15Remember details about known facts. Remember vague information about obscure facts. Identify an unusual creature.
Arcana, History, etc.20Remember details about obscure facts. Remember vague information about very rare facts. Identify a spell while it is being cast.
Arcana, History, etc.25Remember details about rare facts. Identify a rare creature. Decipher a message in code.
Arcana, History, etc.30Identify a unique creature.
Investigation10Find/Identify a simple trap.
Investigation15Finding a creature's tracks and deducing its nature and direction.
Investigation20Find/Identify a secret door or pressure plate on the floor.
Investigation25Find/Identify a very well-hidden secret passage or trap.
-10Gesturing a simple idea to a creature.
-15Deduce the type of weapon that caused an injury. Estimate the value of a common gem.
-20Determine how to cause a tunnel or other structure to collapse. Estimate the value of a gemstone.
-25Estimate the value of a rare, antique, or exotic item.

Wisdom (WIS)

Detection and observation of the environment and people. Senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

InsightVs. DeceptionIdentify a lie
Insight15Identify a prisoner who is most willing to collaborate
Insight15-20Discover people's motivation/annoyance
PerceptionVs. StealthFind hidden person
Perception10Hear voices at the end of a tunnel
Perception14Smell a gas leak
Perception15Secret passage or trap
Perception10Follow trail in snow, mud or sand
Perception15Follow trail on dirt or grass
Perception20Follow trail on hard floor (wood, stone)
Perception+5Follow trail a day later
Perception-5Follow the trail of a group of people
Perception-5Creature left trail of blood
Survival10Don't get lost in the woods
Survival10Identifying if fungus is edible
Survival15Don't get lost in the desert
Survival15Weather forecast for the next 24 hours
Survival16Hide tracks/traces
Survival20Follow animal tracks
Survival20Weather forecast for the next 48 hours

Charims (CHA)

Social abilities

Persuasion10Extract common rumors
Persuasion15Calm panicked villagers
Persuasion20Influencing a friendly person to ally with the enemy
Persuasion25Influencing a hostile person to ally with the enemy
DeceptionVs. InsightLie to someone
Intimidate13Interrogate a prisoner
Intimidate16Interrogate a minion
Intimidate20Interrogate a fanatical cultist

Dark Vision

Darkvision makes darkess cause same effects as Dim Light

DarknessBlind condition
DarknessDisadvantage on attack rolls
DarknessAdvantage for who is attacking a blind person
DarknessAutomatically fails any check that relies on vision
Dim LightDisadvantage in check that depends on vision
Torch20ft Bright / 40ft Dim Light / >40ft Darkness
Light Spell20ft Bright / 40ft Dim Light / >40ft Darkness
Lantern30ft Bright / 60ft Dim Light / >60ft Darkness
Lantern - Cone60ft Bright / 120ft Dim Light / >120ft Darkness

Dim Light = full moon light, dim sunrise and sunset lights


Reduces a level when doing a long rest with food and drink.

1Disadvantage on skill checks
2Speed reduced by half
3Disadvantages on attacks and saves
4Max life halved
5Speed reduced to 0

Watch Shifts for Resting

2 hrs of watch + 6 hrs of sleep

PeopleTotal TimeEach Shift
212 hrs6 hrs
310 hrs4 hrs
48 hrs2 hrs

Improvised Damage

Character LevelSetbackDangerousDeadly
Burned by coals1d10
Hit by a falling bookcase1d10
Pricked by a poison needle1d10
Being struck by lightning2d10
Stumbling into a fire pit2d10
Hit by falling rubble in a collapsing tunnel4d10
Stumbling into a vat of acid4d10
Crushed by compacting walls10d10
Hit by whirling steel blades10d10
Wading through a lava stream10d10

Object Armor Class

Measure of how difficult it is to deal damage to the object when striking it (because the object has no chance of dodging out of the way)

Cloth, paper, rope11
Crystal, glass, ice13
Wood, bone15
Iron, steel19

Object Hit Points

How much damage it can take before losing its structural integrity

Tiny (bottle, lock)2 (1d4)5 (2d4)
Small (chest, lute)3 (1d6)10 (3d6)
Medium (barrel, chandelier)4 (1d8)18 (4d8)
Large (cart, 10-ft.-by-10-ft. window)5 (1d10)27 (5d10)


Random table for weather change (1d6)

0-1Same as before
3More cloudy
4More rain
5More cold
6More hot

Travel Speed

Difficult terrain halves speed

TypePer HourPer DayEffect
Fast4 miles (6.4 km)30 miles (48.2 km)-5 to Scouting, Navigation, Foraging; -10 to Stealth
Normal3 miles (4.8 km)24 miles (38.6 km)-5 to Stealth
Slow2 miles (3.2 km)18 miles (28.9 km)+5 to Scouting, Navigation, Foraging
By Horse6 miles (9.6 km)48 miles (77.2 km)None
By Ship5 miles (8 km)120 miles (193 km)Can travel 24h/day

8 hours moving. Each additional hour requires save CON with DC 10 +1 per hour.

Visibility Distance

Clear sky2 miles (3.2 Km)
From high abovex20
Raining1 mile (1.6 Km)
Storm100-300 ft (30-90 m)
Mist100-300 ft (30-90 m)
Dense mist30-60 ft (9-18 m)


Survival8Plain, Underbrush, Grassland
Survival13Desert, Arctic, Hills
Survival16Forest, Jungle, Swamp
Survival+5With storm


Survival20Almost no food or water
Survival15Limited resources
Survival10Abundant resources


Perception10Following tracks in snow, mud or sand
Perception15Following tracks in dirt or grass
Perception20Follow tracks on hard floor (wood, stone)
Perception+5Follow tracks a day later
Perception-5Follow the trail of a group of people
Perception-5Creature left trail of blood